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Cryptic Escape Rooms in Huddersfield

  Team size                  Pricing 

  Team of 2          £20 Per Person

  Team of 3          £18 Per Person

  Team of 4          £16 Per Person

  Team of 5          £15 Per Person

  Team of 6          £14 Per Person

  Team of 7           £14 Per Person


New for 2022! A  major rift has opened up in the small town of Hawkins. as you investigate the source, the rift became unstable and engulfed everyone and everything into the dreaded Upside Down! It is now your mission to not only escape the Upside Down, but find a way to close the rift for good and expose those who are responsible for causing this whole mess! *teams of 7 applicable*

For Fans of: Supernatural, Stranger Things.

the devil lived.jpg

 Something Malignant has possessed  Mcarville Manor. One by one, those who are in the  Manor are being picked apart. With all the doors and windows locked; will you find a way out? Will you escape the clutches of evil before your soul is condemned to the Manor and the spirit that haunts Mcarville walks the earth.

*WARNING* contains flashing lights.

For Fans of: Horror, Spirits, Possession

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