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Christmas in the Upside Down.jpg

Available 16/11/22 - 08/01/23

The festive season is upon us and a young boy has vanished under mysterious circumstances. You and your team from Hawkins Police Department have been assigned to find him. You arrive at his last known whereabouts and sense that something is wrong. The Christmas lights being to flicker and the baubles jingle in the wind….. He is trapped in the Upside Down! Can you find the boy and bring him home to his family in time for Christmas?

For Fans of: Stranger Things, Retro Gaming, Christmas

Length: 60 minutes

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Gate to Creel House.jpg

Available from 16/11/22

A string of mysterious deaths are plaguing the town of Hawkins, the authorities and towns people are blaming the Hellfire Club. Journey through the gate in to the Creel house and discover the truth behind what’s going on and banish the evil once and for all?

For fans of: Haunted Houses, Horror, Supernatural, Stranger Things

Length: 60 minutes

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Bane of the Dwarven Realms.jpg

Available from 16/11/22.

Legends tell of a mighty axe, once wielded by the king under the mountain, lost to time. It was last seen long ago in the depths of the mines, before they succumbed to a great evil. Can you and your companions journey in the heart of the mountain and reclaim the long lost artefact and reclaim your dwarven homeland?

For fans of: Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Fantasy.

Length: 60 minutes

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