Cryptic Escape Rooms in Manchester

  Team size                  Pricing 

  Team of 2          £20 Per Person

  Team of 3          £18 Per Person

  Team of 4          £16 Per Person

  Team of 5          £15 Per Person

  Team of 6          £14 Per Person


A young boy has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and strange supernatural events have occurred ever since he vanished. The lights flicker and the walls stretch, someone or something is trying to break through. You and your team have been sent to find the boy and stop whatever is trying to break through from the other dimension?

For Fans of: Stranger Things, Retro Gaming

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Hillhouse is a place of evil, a structure that has stood for over 200 years. Legends and whispers tell of  a sinister, malevolent entity lurking around the halls. Over the years, people have entered Hillhouse, but never left. You and your team have been sent to expose the truth once and for allUpon your arrival, you feel an icy chill down your spine. Almost like you're being watched. Can you survive the horrors of Hillhouse and find a way out? Or will you fall victim to the  evil that dwells within?

For fans of: Haunted Houses, Horror, Supernatural.

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For thousands of years, Legends spoke of a treasure so powerful, It allowed the holder to see into the future. That mystical treasure is the Forbidden Eye. Can you and your team find your way into the temple and secure the greatest treasure to have ever existed? Or will the elusive Forbidden Eye slip through your fingers.

For fans of: Indiana Jones, Uncharted, Adventure

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