Cryptic Escape Rooms in Huddersfield

  Team size                  Pricing

  Team of 2          £20 Per Person

  Team of 3          £18 Per Person

  Team of 4          £16 Per Person

  Team of 5          £15 Per Person

  Team of 6          £14 Per Person

mcarville manor.png

 A foolish paranormal TV crew has entered the house and disturbed something sinister. After receiving a distressed call for help, your mission as the towns only police team, is to find the crew and return them safely to the station... Can you survive the Horrors of Mcarville Manor? Or will you become another victim...

For Fans of: Horror, Occult, Hauntings.


A gateway has mysteriously opened, connecting our world with The Upside Down. It is up to you to enter The Upside Down and close the gateway. Can you close the gate and save the town before the dreaded Demogorgon finds a way through? Or will you be trapped in the Upside Down Forever?

For Fans of: Supernatural, Stranger Things.

 Dared by your friends, you spend the night  in the Witches cabin deep in the Maryland Woods. However, screams shriek outside and the door is sealed shut. An icy shiver runs down your spine and you quickly realise, that you are not alone in the Maryland Woods... something evil lurks in the shadows.

For Fans of: Psychological Horror, Thrillers


 Something sinister has possessed Lord Mcarville. One by one, those who are in the  Manor are being picked apart. With all the doors and windows locked; will you find a way out? Or will the Lord Mcarville find you first...

For Fans of: Horror, Spirits, Possession

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