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Cryptic Escape Rooms in Hull

  Team size                  Pricing 

  Team of 2          £20 Per Person

  Team of 3          £18 Per Person

  Team of 4          £16 Per Person

  Team of 5          £15 Per Person

  Team of 6          £14 Per Person

  Team of 7           £14 Per Person

The upside down breakout.png

Under the evil gaze of Vecna, you find yourself trapped in The Upside Down. Set to become his final victim, you must find your way out before he can complete his sinister plan. Grab your friends, your cassette player and bring your favourite song, for only the best and brightest can escape Vecnas grasp! 

For Fans of: Supernatural, Stranger Things.


Alex Mercer, a world famous paranormal investigator has vanished. Drawn to the abandoned Ashbourne Manor, a place whispered about only in hushed tones, Alex wanted to uncover the truth behind the Manor's dark history. Twenty four hours have passed and no one has heard from him, apart from a distorted 999 call for help. You and your team have been sent to locate Alex and save him from whatever trouble he might have encountered.



estate of panic.png

There's been a murder! Lord Cartwright, the wealthy billionaire has been killed in his own Mansion. The murderer, is one of  YOU! The killer struck during Lord Cartwrights annual gala, a gala that had a promise of an announcement... the future of Cartwrights fortune. You are all tasked with finding Lord Cartwrights fortune and catch the killer! If the killer isn't caught, then the fortune will be theirs! be careful who you trust, any member of your team could be the murderer and you could be next on their list!

For Fans of: The Traitors, Murder Mystery

Spirits of the manor.png

Blackwood Manor has stood tall for centuries, those that dare step foot on its grounds are never seen again. A malignant curse hangs over the manor. Legend has it that  on a stormy October night, such as this one, Lord Blackwood went mad, murdered his entire family. Why he did it forever remained a mystery. You and your team are detectives investigating a 999 call from the manor, as a foolish paranormal tv crew have disappeared in the manor. it is your mission to find them... and maybe discover the truth to the Blackwood curse.

For Fans of: Possession, Haunted Houses

Munson Trailer2.png

What's Up sheep! So you think you have what it takes to join the Hellfire Club? Then Prove it! Complete my Hellfire challenge and you can hang with us! But if you fail? Then you will suffer Vecnas wrath for all eternity. Oh and the final twist in the challenge? You have 45 minutes to do it! 60 minutes are for losers and the Hellfire Club only accepts the best!

For Fans of: Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things.

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