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Online Escape Games

Welcome to our online games section. We have built and developed new and engaging games with our sister company, Boffo, for you to play anywhere, any time and on any device!

Play with your family, or play on the go. Choose your adventure and start playing immediately!

Merlin's Apprentice Online Escape Room for Kids and Families .jpeg

Merlin's Apprentice

An evil sorcerer has cast a spell to trap the great wizard, Merlin.

As Merlin's new apprentice you must learn to cast spells, discover hidden codes and find his powerful wand to free him.

Full Metal Zombie Trailer Image. Zombie Horror online escape room.jpeg

Full Metal Zombie

An Apocalypse like no other! The world is on the brink of annihilation. Your team has been wiped out by the hordes of the undead. You are the worlds last hope. Can you fight your way past evolved, deadlier zombies and save the world?

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