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Home Games is a new to enjoy escape experiences. Each Game is a printable  experience that you can play with your friends and family right from the comfort of your own home. Each experience comes with puzzles, hints and solutions so one of you can be a games master if you wish. When your game is complete, the solution can be used as a password on the website. Only the right answers will work!

Each Home Game is £6.99



The  worlds greatest detective has seemingly vanished. Dr Watson has enlisted your help to find him. can you crack the codes and find Sherlock Holmes?

For Fans of: Sherlock Holmes, Detective Games.



Dead Frequency.png

The Apocalypse hits while you are live on air! Can you fix the broadcasting tower to alert the people to evacuate? Can you find the escape route to save yourself?

For Fans of: The end of the world


Uncharted waters.png

The SS Damned Medan has returned after mysteriously vanishing back in 1947. can solve the mystery behind its disappearance? will you uncover the dark secret lurking within the ship?

For Fans of: Supernatural, Ghosts, Mysteries.



the andromeda.png

Two weeks ago a Space Crew made first contact, however there were complications. Yearcruiser x871 ceased all transmission to base shortly after first contact. You have been sent after them to recover the crew



Sarah Morton was murdered  under gruesome circumstances. With four suspects and limited evidence, can solve the case and bring the killer to justice?

For Fans of: Detectives, Murder Mysteries

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