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Fight for Hawkins.
The New Live-Action Game

Are you ready for an adventure? The Fight for Hawkins live-action game in Hull is the perfect experience for fans of Stranger Things. This game will let you immerse yourself in the world of the TV series and enjoy thrilling tasks such as shooting Demogorgons in the Upside Down, rocking out to Eddie Munson's iconic guitar solo, playing giant Plinko in the Rainbow Room and much more! Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring all your favourite moments from Stranger Things to life in this exciting real-life game!

Demogorgon Laser Hunt

Demogorgons are roaming Hawkins and only you can take them out. Be brave, be accurate ... be a HERO!

Go Full-On to Eddie Munson's Iconic Guitar Solo 

Rock-out and air guitar in the Upside Down.
Will you be the "Most Metal Ever?"

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